Face Massage with Brushes by Milla

Face, neck, shoulder, scalp massage with facial brushes

In the ancient times Face Massage with Brushes was available only to Pharaohs and priests. There are projections of all organs, energy lines and channels on a face, and all our emotional biography is “printed” on a face. During a Face Massage with Brushes, tension leaves, turgor of skin increases, capillaries get toned, harmonious interaction between skin cells increases. This relaxation is very subtle and deep during which a self-restoration occurs. It also promotes deep concentration before an important event. After a Face Massage with Brushes session, you will feel increase of life forces, new resources open, and the face becomes rejuvenated.

Chiro Massage with Aromatic Oil by Milla

Unique blend of Spanish, European & Oriental full-body massage

Chiro Massage is a unique Spanish massage modality that includes both the European and Oriental massage techniques as well as spiritual practices. The Chiro Massage technique works on nervous, vascular, muscular, and osteoarticular system. Chiro Massage affects almost all organs and systems, thereby eliminating blocks and tenseness caused by trauma, stress or an uncomfortable static position.

Trained in Thailand, Ukraine, and USA, Milla is skilled in a light to medium touch, specializing in Chiro Massage and Facial Brush Massage. So relaxing, she will put you to sleep on the table during the massage.

Face Massage with Brushes

45 min $49 (Reg. $59)
60 min $59 (Reg. $69)

Tip: Take advantage of our new package combining Facial Brush Massage and Chiro Massage.

Aromatic Chiro Massage

1 hr $69 (Reg. $99)
1.5 hr $99 (Reg. $129)
2 hr $139 (Reg. $169)

Tip: Book a 30-minute complimentary private sauna either before or after the massage.

Face Brush & Chiro Massage

1.5 hr $129 (Reg. $159)

Includes 30-min Facial Brush Massage followed by 1-hr Chiro Massage

2 hr $159 (Reg. $189)

Includes 45-min Facial Brush Massage followed by 75-min Chiro Massage

Chiro Massage Benefits
  • Treatment of rosacea
  • Restoration of an oval face
  • Increased skin elasticity. Enriches the skin with oxygen
  • Toning of muscles and skin and removal of muscle fatigue
  • Improved nutrition and hydration of the skin
  • Elimination of toxins
  • Activation processes of cell regeneration
  • Removal of edema (lymph drainage)
  • Increased relaxation

Thai Combination Massage by Male Therapists

Unique blend of Thai, Swedish, and Deep Tissue massage

Thai Traditional Massage followed by Swedish, Deep Tissue, and accupressure. (Done with oil on the massage table.) Jay, Baramee, or Chris are available for this promotion.

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Call-in Only Offer Expires on April 30, 2014

Thai Combination Massage

1 hr $69 (Reg. $89)
1.5 hr $89 (Reg. $119)

Tip: Book a 30-minute complimentary private sauna either before or after the massage.