Traditional Thai Massage or Thai Combination Massage with April

75 min / $89 (reg. $109)

Try April's Thai yoga massage in January with $20 off! April uses hands, knees, legs, and feet to move you into a series of yoga-like positions. Thai massage is like doing yoga without doing any work yourself. Thai massage is both relaxing and energizing. (Done without oil on a Eastern-style wide massage table while you are fully dressed in the loose-fitting clothing provided by the spa.) Start 2016 with a good measure of passive stretching!

Thai Special with April

75 min $89

Thai Herbal Poultice Massage with Holly

60 min / $119 (reg. $139)

Try Holly's unforgettable massage experience and enjoy $20 saving at the same time! With a couple of heated herbal heat compress, the treatment opens the pores bringing deep medicinal heat into muscles. Aromatic compress releases tension, eases respiration and revitalize the mind. Thai herbal massage incorporates acupressure along “sen” or energy lines. Holly utilize her entire body to manipulate the client’s body to open joints and facilitate stretching. (Done with oil on the massage table.) Space is limited, so book early!

Thai Herbal with Holly

60 min $119