Face Lifting Massage

45-min $69 (reg. $79)

60-min $79 (reg. $89)

The facial muscles affect your skin color and condition. Designed to keep your facial muscles toned, Milla's facial massage can help ease the tautness in the muscles that is the biggest cause of wrinkles and sagging skin. Designed to be a gentle, non-invasive approach to looking younger, this massage stimulates muscle recovery and normalizes blood and lymph circulation. Your skin will look shiny and rested. Smooth, slow, and gentle strokes not only correct skin and face contour, but relax the whole body.

About Milla, Certified Massage Therapist:

  • Milla is a graduate of Institute of Physical Education and Sport , Kyiv, Ukraine in Human Health degree. She was trained for massage in Ukraine, Thailand and California. Her massage styles range from relaxing and neurosedative to sports and deep tissue massage. A firm believer in the inseparable connection between body and mind, Milla has a mission to support individuals in achieving life balance through personal wellness.
Products used in face lifting massage: More than just a feast for the senses, cocoa butter with the natural chocolate and vanilla aromas soothes and nourishes your facial skin. Apricot kernel oil is high in skin-nourishing essential fatty acids. Its light, smooth properties restore skin vitality in massage.

Massage Special

45 min $69
60 min $79

Face Lifting & Signature Massage

120-min $159 (reg. $189) single
120-min $319 (reg. $379) per couple

This 2-hour long treatment includes 60-min Face Lifting Massage followed by 60-min Signature Massage for you to experience the ultimate pick-me-up from the busy life.

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Package Special

120 min $159
Couple $309